This is the first in a series of "People on the Street Interviews," which are a part of the Story of Redemption video series that is currently being produced ( These interviews illustrate where people are today spiritually in today's postmodern culture.

This video asks if people believe in God. People respond with all kinds of answers--they are agnostic, atheistic, don't believe in church but God, believe in God due to fulfillment of prophecy in Scripture, believe in God due to answered prayer, don't believe in God because of evolution, believe in God because evolution does not explain everything. A fascinating look at the spiritual beliefs of everyday Americans, most of whom do not know the basic gospel story and who are often turned off by Christians and Christianity.

This necessitates a different approach to sharing our faith. An approach that seeks to be captured in The Story of Redemption (

What do you think of the views shown in this interview? Which answers stood out to you? What overall picture of people's spiritual beliefs does this paint to you?

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