A video of a short camping trip to Crescent Bay, WA.

I was sitting home at 6:00 PM on a hot Saturday when I read a Facebook post from friends that they were enjoying the cool camping experience at Crescent Bay.. Checking my GPS time estimate I could see that I could be there at about Sunset.

A beautiful spot to camp and afforded some great video opportunities using the DJI Phantom Quadcopter. This is the results of mixing the best of 60 minutes of raw video.

For those that care: This was shot with a DJI Phantom Quadcopter carrying a GoPro Hero3 Black set at 1080 60FPS and a medium FOV. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 with no Stabilization affects added. I have 2 other version of this video stabilized with NewBlueFX Stabilizer and with ProDAD proDreniline. Both of them had good features and bad. NewBlue had a lot of distortion along the edge of the video and some warping of scenes while proDrenaline did great with the close up shots that had a lot of detail but made the video worse when it came to flying over the open water at speed. It seemed to have problems when there were fewer edges to compare. In conclusion, I felt the natural version even with the shakiness at places was a better view.

One BIG alarm with the proDrenaline V1 Stand-Alone software is that the final file size went from 703,105 KB to 3,272,993 KB. However, I used it to process the finished video where I believe it's meant to process the raw files BEFORE using them in an editor.. I will check later to see if the final results are better.

The NewBlueFX is used as a Video Effect within the Video Editor while the proDrenaline is a stand alone program that process the raw video and so far, I have not looked to see if it can process only part of a video. I have not tested ProDAD's Mercalli 2 but might try it later to see if it's better to process selected portions of the video in the editor rather than the entire file.

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