A sound installation that takes a continuous pulse to represent the passing of time and make a sonic constructruction with its resonance.

Project at gabrielagordillo.net/Pulsares


Pulsars is a sonic composition conformed by a recursive model that records the sound of a drop. Each sound is integrated into a loop, which duration grows or decreases with the interaction of a viewer. The pulse is in continuous evolution, since the sound qualities vary with the amount of water.

This action observes the instants that pass through time, and accumulates them (as the container) to keep them present in the acoustic space. The intention was to work with a physical object that has it's own evolution, projected in a virtual level (the recording loop), wondering about what happens outside the visible (real) space-time of every instant. It also was the aim to develop a system coming from one unit, in this case a single pulse.

The water drop is an invisible but always present counter of time.

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