Matt Harbert tells us what it's like to be a Bat-Weasel in a douche bag's world.

find the kickstarter at: #Comedy #webseries #animation

a brief synopsis:
Lovable nerd Derrik is recruited to star in a reality show where he is bombarded by sex 24/7. Over the full run of the series he becomes jaded, overly wealthy, and one major douche. Upon the brink of immorality, he is befriended by a genetic mutated bat-weasel that is hiding from an evil so unmentionable it will make your skin crawl off. Bat-Weasel attempts to cure Derrik of his never ending sex drive, but when Derrik's newest lust is kidnapped by a shadowy figure, it's Derrik and Bat-Weasel to the rescue.

The show has Archer sensibilities mixed with South Park styled rauchiness, in the tone of Scott Pilgrim graphic novels with a dark Batman aesthetic. This is also an anti-superhero story, so if you're into any of those ideas this might be a series for you!

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