Directing/Editing reel of Richard M. Alexander; featuring two sci-fi shorts.

0:00-1:30 (PARADISE Teaser Trailer)
1:31-2:22 (NOUMENA Teaser Trailer)
2:23-3:14 ('Dreaming Alone' PARADISE Scene Edit)
3:15-5:21 (Chase & Finale NOUMENA Scene Edit)
5:22-7:04 ('Join Me in Paradise' PARADISE & NOUMENA End Scene Edit)

NOUMENA (2012)

"Noumena" follows the journey of a prisoner in a dystopian society, who is taken into a government facility and tested, against her will, in dream and temporal experiments


The mind is its own place…

“Paradise” follows the journey of Evelyn Jane Bryson, a retired spy who worked for a secret organization codenamed 'The Company'. The tragic loss of her family haunts her as she self-exiles away from society. However, when a recent attack by a terrorist group known as the 'Nexus' occurs, Jane learns that there might be a link between the attack, and the bombing that killed her family.

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