Poket is designed to make loyalty rewards program simply rewarding for both consumers and merchants. Like millions of people around the world, we face the same problem of carrying too many loyalty cards and vouchers, and the hassle of filling up forms every time we join a new reward program. We feel that it is time to change, and we want to be a part of this change to improve humanity lifestyles.

We are determined to make our pocket slim, and not stuffed with tons of plastic/paper cards or vouchers. We know we cannot use conventional thinking to solve this problem. After 2 years of pulling hairs, throwing away conventional thinking, our pocket can now be slim. And because it not conventional solution, we removed the “c” which stands for “conventional” from “Pocket”, and called our invention “Poket”. That’s how Poket comes about!

Poket is a world first loyalty application that allows merchant to issue loyalty card or voucher from a tablet to consumer smartphone seamlessly.

There are multiple rewards programs that you launch such as loyalty program with points, multiple tier membership, or even stored value cards. Automatic features like birthday vouchers, welcome vouchers, or rewards vouchers that easily entice your customers to visit your store now. Poket can also be used as a CRM tool, gaining insights on shopping behavior to pro-actively tailor personalized rewards.

Check out Poket.com for more features that grows your business.

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