For the first time ever i have titled my film as ¨the love film¨bcoz this one deserves to be called so.
This one special because it actually brings the love of so many people on screen and just brightens it up.
the love between karan and nisha, the love of there families , the love of all the lovely friends of karnish.
this piece of celluloid is just soaked in love.
So this ones for both of you with a lot of love and respect from team Dipak Studios.
I still remember when in July 2012 i got a call from Karan, and i went to meet him in person , he showed some intrest in my kind of story telling and than in the next meeting i met nisha , and than they decided to let me be a part of their big day .
I stepped out of there noida residence feeling that big responsibility , but today exactly after an year when i have made this film , i feel so relieved that yes I gave my best shot to weave a story out of your moments.

A big thanks to both of you for letting me be a part of your celebration , i truly loved it, i sincerely hope that you also loved the experience.

For me this would be the best film i ever made...

This is the candid video from your wedding day, enjoy it in HD mode on a very hi speed internet connection or 3g enabled device over any device laptop,ipad or any phone. If the connection is slow than download it on the computer and than view it , the download link is available on computer only.

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