• There are an extremely, whooping 1,059 cunts and an extremely hefty 13.24 cunts Per Minute throughout the whole 80 Minute dub over. This is the first video upload on the internet to use the word cunt over 1,000 times. I managed to knock out 1,000 cunts. Only 59 of them are in soundtrack edits. The script in this full length movie dub over uses the word cunt over 1,000 times and contains an extremely, unbelievable 12.5 cunts per minute too. That's more cunts than any bad movie ever made throughout Hollywood! This is the first full length cartoon movie dub over that I ever did. Compare to how three countries would rate this dub over if this was a movie. It's the non-stop use of very strong language such as cunt! It's NC-17 rated for constant, very strong language! It's rampant and downright non-stop! It's at a downright non-stop rate! It will make you laugh like hell! Enjoy this NC-17 rated cartoon dub over!
Canadian Movie Rating: R
WARNING: The dub contains lots of very strong language and other adult subject matter. Viewer discretion is very strongly advised! You must be 18 or older to view this content!

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