I love poetry and so I've taken up a new project to record short videos reciting my favorite poems and representing the essence of their meaning to me by capturing images of physical objects surrounding me in everyday life.

This first video is very simple: a beautiful poem by the introverted and reclusive Miss Dickinson. Born in 1830 and passing in 1886, Emily Dickinson was a contemporary of my Great Great Grandmother and she lived in Massachusetts during some historic moments in American History--the Civil War, Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, the Homestead Act, and the Fourteenth Amendment. Just to give you an idea of how much has changed since her time, the population in Massachusetts has grown by more than 500% since she was alive!

Emily's poetry is well known for the strange fascination with death and immortality. I thought this simple poem about nature seemed to be one of the most life affirming and inspiring of her works.

*The goal of this video project is to complete 10 short videos that when seen in sequence, demonstrate a journey through these core poetic concepts:

1.) Mimesis: Representation
2.) Catharsis: Purification
3.) Peripeteia: Reversal
4.) Anagnorisis: Identification
5.) Hamartia: Tragic Flaw
6.) Ethos: Character
7.) Dianoia: Thought
8.) Lexis: Speech
9.) Melos: Melody
10.) Opsis: Spectacle

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