" Do you think that money distorts the real value of things and experiences?
Do you feel you don't fit in with this materialistic, capitalistic, consumeristic society?
Do you have some freetime and want to have a laugh with a bunch of pseudo-artists?

Welcome to the Priceless Shop!

The Priceless Shop is the first anti-shop in the world. Here, we celebrate the end of the money dictatorship. We believe in an anarchy of values for things!

The Priceless shop is born by making use of the magical power of the receipt! As you know, the receipt is seen as the uncontestable truth. You get one when you buy, when you sell, when you get a fine. The receipt is the object that tells you how much another object is worth. For us it is the symbol of the distortion of values!

Here, we take your worthless items and give them the value that they deserve by printing a receipt with a fake new history about it! Your lighter that doesn't work anymore becomes priceless when a receipt says that that very lighter was the one used by Jimi Hendrix to set fire to his guitar in 1967! That dusty pipe your grandfather used is now priceless with our receipt confirming that it was used by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

You just have to do the following:
- Bring us some item
- Place it in the Priceless Machine™
- Insert some coins as a donation to these starving artists
- Wait some time for our team of specialists to print you the receipt that your item deserves
- Take your receipt
- Retrieve your amazing brand-new-museum-status object!

Priceless Shop. Give us anything. We give you the world. "

The Priceless Shop is is a project done by Scenography students, André Pais, Sam Daw, Charlotte Constant and Kevin Mendoza around the concept of value and price. The aim was to create a performance about a kind of "anti-shop" that gave value to valueless objects. To further enphasize the project's critique on consumerism, the team decided that the performance should make use some famous capitalist language and images that aim to persuade costumers. Hence the "cheesy/tacky" display, teaser and performance.

The Priceless Shop performance was shown in Gent, Belgium on 23/06/2013

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