"Cerrar los ojos a tu Chica"

Without question, the biggest influence on my playing has been Latin guitar music. From around 2000 to the present, I have been fascinated by the sound of the nylon-string guitar mixed with the exotic rhythms, colorful harmonies and irresistable melodies used in Latin guitar music.

Taking influences from flamenco, jazz, blues, salsa, and others, Latin music provides endless possibilties for melodic exporation once the player understands the modal requirements inherent in the Latin musical substructure. Practically every scale and mode in the western diatonic musical language is used. Within each tune the player can expect to use more than one of them.

This particular track is in an A-B format and uses a chord pattern very typical of the genre. In terms of melody, section A centers around the aeolian scale, which is the mode built upon the 6th degree of the major scale. In this case A natural minor or aeolian. The B section is typically in its cascading downward movement to the Major V chord in A minor (E Major or E7). The arrival at the fifth requires in no uncertain terms a shift to a G# tone in the mode thereby giving one an opportunity to use harmonic minor. It is imperative to use either a G#, D, or B melodic tone at the peak of your musical phrase, with G# being the most colorful.

This is the first Latin piece I have posted and that is curious being that it is my favorite guitar music. More now, will certainly follow.

As for the title, "Cerrar los ojos a tu Chica" (Close Your Eyes Girl), well, it's just my way of saying, "don't worry girl, someday everything's going to be okay." That can mean a lot of things to many people...and yes that's as it should be.

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