Make a new political party. Both parties are selling the American people out. This is your last chance. It's Americans Vs the Bankers/New World Order. Good Luck. When / if you realize your all in this together will determine the future of our planet. Work as one. I love all of you.

To watch one of the most important films of your life, put aside some time and give some thought to the direction the human journey seems to be going right now. At this rate the US will implode with its fake meaningless currency. This really is the last chance to stand up before a very real darkness drapes over us all. Retake the freedom that was once a birth rite in this country. We can all do better than this, but we can only do it together as one. There is no room for division if you wish to save an underlined principal of freedom as opposed to despotism. Good luck.

Fall of the Republic HQ full length version

and this

and this

- John -
I made the music for this piece and shot the video in Amsterdam,and Germany:-)

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