There were so many special moments in Andrew and Bora’s wedding, it was hard to choose just one to put as a centerpiece to their trailer. We love this couple. They are so amazing that people have nothing but great things to say about them. And because we want to show you just how special they are, we begin the video with a few words of introduction about them, as spoken by Andy’s best man and Bora’s maid of honor.

Andrew and Bora is the brave, daring and adventurous couple. Since they’ve been together, they’ve climbed the highest mountain and dove in the deepest oceans. But as they said their vows to each other under the blue Bali sky, with joyful tears running down Bora’s face, hearts were melted from the honest truth there were in each spoken words. Love is indeed a journey, and there is no one more perfect for Andy to take on his other than Bora.

Congratulations once again to Andy and Bora. If you can survive Mount Kilimanjaro, you can survive anything! Wishing you all the best on your journey together.



Director: Dimar

Cinematographers: Yosep Sugiarto, Andre Yap

Photographers: Andreas Permadi, William

Wedding Organizer: Sinly Wedding Paradise

Venue: Khayangan Bali

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