Dead Rocking Horse is a relatively new member of the New York City hard rock community.

Songwriting/rocking-the-F-out team Marron Chaplin and David Alva met in January 2011 at a mutual friend's concert. During the weeks prior to their meeting, they had each suffered both a personal heartbreak and the death of an immediate family member, hence they were down on life and drinking a LOT. The night
they met, David made a rude comment to Marron, she slapped him, and the world's greatest friendship was born!
The pair's musical relationship evolved gradually. Although both involved in other projects (David in notable NYC band Stoned Fire, and Marron as a solo singer-songwriter on the Lower East Side circuit), they decided to drag each other out of their depressive funk, have some fun and vent some energy by forming Violent Age, a tribute to the Misfits. It was totally frigging rad, and yes, you are sorry you missed it.
While successfully gigging all over New York as a punk quartet, David intuited that Marron was not finding musical fulfillment performing her solo acoustic material. He began helping her take her original songs to the next level by lending his formidable bass skills and precise technical ear. For months, the pair retired to Marron's couch in New Jersey almost every night, working tirelessly to transform a bare-bones handful of acoustic songs into something much bigger. Playing music together helped them begin to heal from their individual devastating losses, resulting in a partnership that has yielded a collection of truly human music.
But being absolute rock'n'roll fans til death, they had zero intention of playing as a sensitive acoustic duo. Screw that. David found talented young drummer Steve Baycura, and the trio clicked immediately. They rehearsed relentlessly, and in December of 2011, Dead Rocking Horse played their first official gig in New York City to a welcoming audience of friends, fellow musicians, and Marron's mom.
Since their debut, the band has worked without ceasing and has just finished independently recording their first EP with producer/engineer George Pesios. The DRH EP will be released at the end of November, when Dead Rocking Horse returns from a season's performance hiatus to play their biggest show yet at Mercury Lounge. You should be there.

"Don't tell me that you grew up and now you're a serial killer because when you were a little kid, you had a rocking horse and it died."
-Rev. Charles Paul Shustrick (Marron's dad), 1946-2010

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