This documentary film, whose original title is Témoignages de l’autre côté, presents the testimonies of different Senegalese immigrants from the other side, Spain, the other cost that so-called ‘Le Dorado’ (‘golden’) in Senegal. However, ‘de l’autre côté’ also refers to an alternative discourse that is hardly ever heard. Placed in different spaces, the protagonists, Mariama Badji, Assane Diouf and Assane Niang, will share their experiences of immigration in a format that takes the shape of debate and reflection.

National Winner for Spain of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2012
Screened in the African Film Festival of Cordoba-FCAT (section 'Afroscope')
Screened in Dakar (Aula Cervantes, presented by the Cultural Spanish Embassy in Dakar)
Screened in various events accross Seville, London, Vienna.

A 33-minute documentary film directed by Estrella Sendra (2012)

Its second part, Témoiganges de Suñu Gal, aims to complete the narrative by moving to Senegal. This time, co-directed by Mariama Badji (former protagonist of the first part) and Estrella Sendra.

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