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Projects in this reel
Heaven is Hell (DP, Story) facebook.com/heavenishell
Hitwomen (DP, Editor) facebook.com/hitwomenseries
Dating 101 (Director, DP, Editor, Writer, Colorist) coming soon
Ceremony (Director, DP, Editor, Colorist) vimeo.com/42592080
My Gold Mask: Burn Like the Sun (Director, DP, Editor, Colorist) vimeo.com/60603652
Rock, Paper, Perry (Director, DP, Editor, Colorist) vimeo.com/51352386
Action Hero Bootcamp (DP, Editor) coming soon
Zamin (Cinematographer) coming soon
Happy Anniversary (DP, Editor) coming soon
Aeon (Director, DP, Editor, Colorist) vimeo.com/47461815
Allister: 5 Years (DP) vimeo.com/53455730
For the Trees (Director, DP, Editor, Story, Colorist) vimeo.com/jacenk/for-the-trees
Doritos: Passion of the Chip (Director, DP, Editor, Writer, Colorist) vimeo.com/jacenk/doritos-passion-of-the-chip
Lifelock Ultimate: Unwanted Guests (Director, DP, Editor, Writer, Colorist) tongal.com/work/2xc6co
Na Palm: Go Go Girl (DP) vimeo.com/jacenk/na-palm-go-go-girl
the New Loud: Get Lost (Director, DP, Editor, Writer, Colorist) vimeo.com/jacenk/the-new-loud-get-lost
the New Loud: Heartattack (Director, DP, Editor, Writer, Colorist) vimeo.com/jacenk/the-new-loud-heartattack
Samantha: Thieves (Director, DP, Editor, Writer, Colorist) vimeo.com/jacenk/samantha-thieves
Undisguised Traces: Devils Acquisition (Director, DP, Editor, Writer, Colorist) vimeo.com/jacenk/undisguised-traces-devils-acquistion
Got Milk: Sleepyhead (DP, Editor, Colorist) vimeo.com/40373580
Got Milk: Did you Know (DP, Editor, Colorist) vimeo.com/40314345
Aussie: Circus Artist (DP, Editor, Colorist) coming soon

MUSIC - Health: Crimewave
INTRO - Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs: Man

SPECIAL DEDICATION - Jack Schultz R.I.P. (love ya buddy)

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