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Welcome to another addition of 'Low Down' with Music Gear Fast. Today we are looking at the Swirl Pool by Amptweaker.

This tremolo/vibe pedal represents Amptweaker's first step into non-distortion pedals.

The 2 footswitches along w/ the bypass and speed control allow the user to switch between 2 different speed and vibe settings while sharing a common tremolo control.

Other switches help to fine-tune the pedal. Tremolo, tone and ramp switches along w/ 2 sync switches used in various combinations make it easy to get many different tremolo, vibe, and rotary speaker tones. There is even a master volume control to easily balance or boost volume compared to when bypassed.

Standard Amptweaker features include an effects loop with Pre/Post options to add delay or combine other distortion and EQs. There's also a 2nd loop that allows you to add a pre-effect when speed 2 is active. Use this as a boost or additional modulation for a really wild ride!
Other standard features include LED illumination of controls, 14 gauge steel housing, true bypass and magnetic battery access door. This pedal takes 2- 9volt batteries or an 18v adaptor.

For a vibe or rotary sound that reaches back to the classic 60's& 70's tones that are still popular today...get the Swirl Pool from Amptweaker and Music Gear

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To learn more about the Swirl Pool go here:

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