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Welcome to another addition of 'Low Down' with Music Gear Fast. Today we are looking at the Tight Fuzz by Amptweaker.

This pedal will add the vintage fuzz tone to your sound and it gives you multiple options for shaping that fuzz to your perfect sound.

The Tone control will help to tame the fuzzy edges.Tight control, a mainstay of Amptweaker pedals, let's you chose the blend of pick attack from smooth and thick to tight and aggressive and helps to eliminate low end mud. A big difference from reissue fuzz boxes is that the Tight control is at the front of the circuit and acts as a buffer from the guitar. This eliminates any changes to the gain structure and allows the fuzz to work in the way it is intended

The Tight Fuzz allows you to switch between transistors. The Germanium gives a soft, low gain and the Silicon ramps up to a heavy high sound. Tones are not lost when going w/ a very low gain thanks to the Auto Bias which appropriately adjusts the Fuzz control to give you optimum output. For more shaping options the Tight Fuzz gives you an Edge switch to go smooth out the fuzz and a 60's/70's switch to toggle between the iconic fuzz tones of the two decades.

Standard Amptweaker features include an effects loop with Pre/Post switch to add delay or combine other distortion and EQs. Also LED illumination of controls, Battery On/Off switch, and magnetic battery access door.

For a Fuzz tone w/ seemingly endless sound shaping possibilities...get the Tight Fuzz from Amptweaker and Music Gear

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To learn more about the Tight Fuzz Guitar pedal go here:

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