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SCSEF is a 3.5” high-resolution monitor that is compatible with any DSLR cameras with an HDMI input/output. Allows you to see when you look through the SCSEF is identical to what you see on your camera's LCD screen, helps you to explore image in a new way.

When using the SCSEF, you can enjoy a full coverage on a sharp image display delivered by a 3.5” high-definition LCD monitor delivering 800 x 480 resolution. With an image of 16:9 or 4:3 display switch mode, SCSEF gives you an accurate display whenever you need it.

With the function of screen marker (80%, 85%, 90%, 93%, 96%), focus peaking function and cross center marker, helps you to adjust the image accurately. The rubber eye piece enables low mode shooting in a comfortable way. The earphone stereo output helps you to enhance the filming performance.

You can position the SCSEF in different ways.

(1) Handheld
You can shoot directly on top of the camera via the ¼ inch screw thread when shooting handheld. This allows you to look directly down into the viewfinder and provides you another viewing angles.

(2) Shoulder mount
SCSEF helps you to enhance the stability with the use of shoulder mount. Shorten your camera package and have the camera attach to your rod system.

(3) Tripod with the video support systems
Using Rig, Jib or any video support systems with tripod can allow you to position the SCSEF towards the back of the tripod.

With the help of SCSEF, photographers and filmmakers can produce their ideal photo or video and enjoy the great shooting moments.

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