Saturday, July 20, 2013 - 6:00pm until 11:00pm

In this solo exhibit, Pale Horse explores the concept of living entities or “life forms” and how human beings are more than physical matter but capable of profound awareness, boundless thought and complex function.

The inspiration for this new series arose from an eight-week hiatus to undergo a much-needed hip replacement surgery where Chris Parks, the artist behind the Pale Horse name, experimented with audio frequency meditation, lucid dreaming and visionary exercises to distract from the discomfort and make the healing process more enjoyable.

The completed “Life Forms” collection is the realization of the visions “dreamed up” during that time and expanded upon since then. The series seeks to take non-physical concepts like lucid dreaming, astral projection, spirit guides and alternate dimensions to the physical level through illustration.

The series also embraces a concept that Pale Horse refers to as “the color of darkness” where each piece stands as a timeless snapshot, capturing the moment when dreaming becomes lucid and shadows transition from dull shades of gray to a full spectrum of vivid color and complexity. Known for experimenting with a wide range of production methods in his digital work, Pale Horse has produced his “Life Forms” on several layers of precision cut, acrylic glass to add even more depth and intrigue to the imagery.

Come explore this mysterious world of monstrous beings, spirit animals and altered states from the mind of Pale Horse during this one-night-only exhibit!

New prints, t-shirts and other products will also be released during the opening.

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