This is a fan made book trailer for the Novel "Trinity" by Elena Carpenter.... I DO NOT own copyrights for the photo's and music presented in this video. All rights belong to respectful owners. This is simply a fan made video description for the novel. "Trinity" is the first book of a trilogy,

Trinity by Elena Carpenter (Book Trailer)

In a small town named Ketra, wrapped in rolling hills, Elizabeth Starr and her mother live in a time where mysterious legends have been told for generations. One in particular, spoken of the most, is the legend of the two clans, the Corzos and the Ogres. Rebellion of the Ogres clan arose against the Corzos in wanting to rule all immortals and mortal worlds. Trinity, leader of the first realm ordered Lenzo whom leads the Corzos to destroy Ozar whom leads the ogres. The gateways to the realms; and dimensions has been closed until Ozar is destroyed. This story shares romance, mystery and suspense, with challenging choices and fear.

Horizon: the next book of the Trilogy. will be coming soon.

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