The first reviews about Crisis Killer, the newly surfaced money doubling bot are in.
As you may know Crisis Killer generated huge impact from the media as a young hacker from Austria doubled 100,000 eur from it within three months.

A lot of scepticism arose too though the proof just cant be denied.. statements and bank accounts proove the claims.. and to silence the sceptics they are inviting everyone aboard at virtually zero startup costs. Learn more now at

People had the chance to glance at the code along with the inner workings with the bot and described it as "groundbreaking".

The buzz however is enormous and I believe either two things might happen..

A.) the web site will be removed as too many people download the bot and join the experiment to double their money for round 2 and 3

or B.) the cost increases 10 fold as the developer realizes he's sitting on a goldmine.. a forex robot with proof like this has never been done before all things considered.. so order soon as he realizes this human greed might take over and you'd have to pay 10X or 20 X the retail price rather than this ridiculously low setup fee he's offering now.

So while you still can go and grab your license. its almost free in the end !

Don`t delay... still time for you to jump on top of the money doubling bandwagon! Go to

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