Gesture Control Menu = Smoothie Fun!

Jugo Juice wanted to try out an Interactive System as an innovative means of attracting new customers to their store. We therefore installed a pilot project at their downtown Vancouver location on Granville and Georgia Street inside the VCC Canada Line Station. Our system replaces Jugo Juice’s circular logo with a digital screen, which is composed of a special circular sheet of film and a high definition projector creating a sharp inviting digital sign. Our system also works as a device that measures how many clients come by and can record how much time they are spending using it and which are the most selected fruit/smoothies. As the train commuters pass by, they get attracted to our digital beacon, which asks them to stand on a feet pad and use their hands to explore our system!

The system asks the user to pick up to three pieces of fruit, for example banana, strawberry and watermelon, and then it calculates which smoothie contains those elements. It then displays the smoothie with the calorie information and nutrients and three more smoothies that also share some of the ingredients in beautiful 3d animations. The customers then uses that recommendation if they like to go inside the store and ask for that particular smoothie. We are also working on incorporating some sort of ordering system to make it even more practical for sales and revenues.

“Jugo Juice was founded in 1998 in Calgary, Alberta with the goal to offer consumers a necessary alternative to mainstream fast food. With obesity-related diseases on the rise, and the increasing challenge of finding time to eat healthy in our fast-paced world, Jugo Juice saw smoothies as the medicine chest of the future. Building around this core product, the menu has expanded with consumer demand to include fresh-pressed juice, and grilled wraps and paninis. The ingredients have evolved, and will continue to do so as we educate customers on the benefits of healthy food choices, and ultimately find better and better ways to fulfill their goals for a healthy lifestyle.”

About H+
H+ is a group of visionary individuals who are leading a paradigm shift in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI).
We create customizable intuitive gesture (Air-Motion) based systems & displays (3D). The philosophy of H+ is technology should adapt to human behaviour and not vice versa.
 We believe in humanizing technology.

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