We, the Greencravers community, believe and are taking action on...

1. Accessing affordable health care by getting serious about disease prevention.

2. Improving quality of life quickly, easily and naturally using Superfoods.

3. Sacrificing nothing by using deep, instinctual “food desires” to our advantage.

4. Giving comfort to children and those we care for using healthy foods.

5. Stopping “taking foods away” or moderating “bad food” consumption.

6. Using a new method that “re-trains” us to naturally move away from “unhealthy” choices.

7. Living and eating in a way that reveals a surprising truth: Healthy foods DO taste good.

We’re eating and drinking good-tasting stuff that makes us feel good — without restrictions. What about you? If you’re ready to get healthy and stay that way using natural remedies for weight loss or natural cures for depression -- the time is now. Make the pledge to yourself and your family NOW. Do it today and tell your friends! At ADDFOODIN.com

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