My Parents are Forcing me to become a doctor . . but I hate to be one ??

When it comes to choosing a career, most parents believe it is their duty to guide their offspring. If you do not want to become a doctor or an engineer but your parents are forcing you to be one, how will you deal with that?

You can start by being clear in your goals. If you are not interested in the career your parents would like you to take up, then have a good alternative in mind. It will be much easier to get your parents to see your point of view if they see that you know what you are talking about.

Read up on career choices in your chosen domain, colleges that have courses in them, companies that work and offer jobs in your area of choice, salary potential and more. This will set their mind at rest. When discussing with your parents be polite, frank and firm.

Think rationally. Do not oppose your parents just for the sake of doing so or just to join a college that your friend is joining.

Weigh all your options and make a sound decision. And once you have made a decision be firm. You might have to face a bit of resistance at this point but it will be good in the long run.

Good luck!

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