"The Enabling Power of God"
Joshua 5:13-6:7
July 7, 2013
By Rob Orr

• In this section of Scripture, we see a personal God, interacting with His people, and making His Holiness and power known to them.

• We worship and serve an omnipotent God. Rom. 1:4, Matt. 24:30, Acts 1:8. & Rom. 1:16.

Nothing is impossible for Him; Matt. 19:26. Eph. 1:18-19.

• In Joshua, Chapters 3-5, we see that God’s people have spent time in His presence worshiping Him, trusting Him, and being completely committed to Him.

• God’s power comes to His people as they:

Submit to Him as Commander in Chief; Joshua 5:13-15.

Worship His Holiness; Joshua 5:15.

Obey Him in faith; Joshua 6:2-3.

• The calling of God is also always the enabling of God; 1 Thess. 5:24, Rom. 11:29.

He will never call us to do something without also giving us the power to do it.

• Like the people ofIsrael, we will experience God’s power when we are walking in the center of His will.
His power is not found outside of the center of His will.

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