KEY IDEAS in this episode: • preparing for the future • short term and long term goals • consequences of actions • consequences of actions • accepting responsibility
This program will enable students:
• to understand the notion of short term pain for long term gain or establishing short term goals in order to achieve long term dreams
• to understand how hard work reaps rewards
• to identify actions with consequences
• to understand results of choices
• to develop an awareness of successful study strategies and good work ethic

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Episode 28 - The Big Choice:
School is almost over! Thomas and Simon are planning summer adventures. Yes, Thomas finds many diversions to ignore his failing mark in maths - he believes that things will just work out. But reality bites!

Episode 29 - A Place To Belong:
Mr. Deschesnes is greatly affected by his upcoming 80th birthday, and his friend Miss Kaplan is being pressured to move away in a home at the same time. Is this living the golden years in grace? Lisa recognizes that action must be taken.

Episode 30 - No Time To Lose:
Simon is willing to train non-stop to reach his goals and swim competitively. He sets up his own training space at a cottage by the lake for the summer. But driving himself almost to exhaustion, our champion faces a brush with death.

Episode 31 - Friends Grow Up:
Lisa and the boys find a nice little cabin on a cove and realize this is a great location for their summer parties. Bashful attraction becomes more serious as things seems like they are about to change.
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