Comet ISON is like a SHOTGUN SHELL that has NOW been FIRED! This video reveals the early FACTS about ISON that NASA was so desperately trying to distract everyone from. NASA has been clearly stating, that Comet ISON is "notoriously unpredictable". NASA clearly stated: "One hazard is the Sun... Solar Radiation can affect the Comet's TRAJECTORY". And so it did! The heat from the Sun, as predicted (here, in this description box), caused the Comet to crack and pop, like an ice cube when it hits a glass of warm water.

NOTE that Comet ISON is alive and well, and has now SURVIVED its pass by the Sun - a bit smaller, and fragmented, and yet still intact! - but now with multiple fragments "off trajectory"!!!

NOW that the splitting of this Comet, has pushed millions of ICE fragments perpendicularly far off of the previous trajectory path of the Comet, does there exists the real possibility, of an impact on this planet? Will the Comet ISON fragments follow an elliptical path away from the Sun, until the Sun's gravity pulls those fragments back, towards the Sun? If those fragments enter our atmosphere, the smaller fragments would quickly burn up in the atmosphere, but the same is NOT true for the larger fragments. Here is where it gets really interesting...

When a large chunk of ICE hits the Earth at 16,000 km/hr, the violent impact instantly forces the water molecules to split, into separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms (H2O means the molecule is made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom). The heat of the impact of a large Comet fragment combined with the readily available hydrogen and oxygen, would create a naturally occurring, hydrogen bomb - the size of the explosion, would be proportional to the size of the Comet fragment, at each individual impact site. This is not comfortable to hear, but if you can overcome "the discomfort hurdle", you would be wise to check the physics for yourself.

NASA has clearly stated that the Earth will pass through the debris trail created by Comet Ison:

A couple of people who watched this video, commented in error, that it used "fear mongering" tactics. Our response: There is no doubt, that the information presented in this video, makes people VERY uncomfortable - and brushing off the FACTS presented with a phrase like that, may be instrumental for some in helping them to sleep better, as they try to forget the immutable truths they have seen and read... But, the main focus of this video, is to remind people that NASA has stated in one of their videos, that focuses on THIS Comet, that comets are "notoriously unpredictable"; that "One hazard is the Sun... Solar Radiation can affect the Comet's TRAJECTORY". This video was created to unpack the obvious implications of those statements - because the implications of NASA's statements, will most certainly NOT be apparent, to most of the people, who watch the NASA video, and are deluged by all the propaganda statements that can be found in them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The NASA statements also beg the question, "Why would NASA even say the trajectory of Comet ISON was "unpredictable", unless THEY were either unsure, or not wanting to disclose, all the possible trajectory scenarios of ISON AND ITS FRAGMENTS as it wraps around the Sun?"

Now since you have taken the time to read thus far, it is only fair to inform you, that there are some very credible modern prophecies that were made public in the last few decades, that described the unique characteristics of this particular Comet, BEFORE it was discovered - prophecies that predicted that a Comet that behaves exactly as ISON is behaving, would indeed impact the Earth. Since posting this video, we have found NEW - even MORE compelling PHYSICAL evidence, that this comet is indeed "the bad boy". But what most astronomers will not want to admit, is that ISON's fragments are now on an elliptical orbit around the Sun, as they move away, and then return, with an even greater chance of an Earth impact, when they return.

Get informed. Read:

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