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KEY IDEAS in this episode: • runaways • homeless • parental authority • family roles • making responsible choices • understanding of self within family dynamics
This program will enable students:
• to explore issues that cause children to run away
• to explore the issues surrounding the homeless
• to discuss parental authority
• to examine one’s role in their family
• to explore increasing independence
• to understand the implications of making responsible choices

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Episode 36 - Secrets Of The Heart:
Eddie is reminescing over the fishing trip he took annually with his father. This year, he invites his friends to join him and discover this hidden paradise, hoping to continue and perpetuate the good moments spent there with his dad.

Episode 37 - Running From Love:
The boys are aching for a summer adventure. After much debate, the parents approve a weekend bicycle and camping trip. On the road, they meet a young teen, Danny, who joins them. Then, they discover that Danny is a runaway.

Episode 38 - I'll Recognize You:
Visiting Uncle George, the boys put their friendship to the test when a beautiful girl next door seems to create surprising behaviours from Thomas and Simon. Will their friendship make it through?

Episode 39 - Because I Do Things:
Dylan gets Tracy involved in the soccer team, and she becomes the engine behind the machine. Little do they know about all the strength and courage they will soon need to help Dylan now facing the challenge of his young life.
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