The MagnetoPot is simple, yet elegant in its ability to track motion in a contactless manner. A magnet on the inside of a cylinder, or on the other side of a motion device will guide the built-in magnetics of the MagnetoPot for position output as a voltage divider.

About Us:
The potentiometers are made of a variety of materials ranging from polyester to fiberglass, depending on the temperature or cycle need. Additionally, our potentiometers are the thinnest linear position sensors on the market, at only 0.5mm, and are unparalleled in the industry.

Multiple patents and extensive proprietary technology over 30 years has put Spectra Symbol in the driver's seat for membrane potentiometer technology in the linear position sensor marketplace. A few short years ago, no membrane potentiometer sensor was available that could handle 60°C temperature or 100% humidity. Now, with the advent of the HotPot potentiometer, the playing field has changed such that industrial, aerospace and automotive companies are now able to take advantage of the ultra-thin 0.5mm linear potentiometer produced by Spectra Symbol. And the development continues, including the upcoming MagnetoPot technology soon to be released. Spectra Symbol also offers custom products where you design your product and we will build it. You can always get our standard products with some special, value-added, features, such as embedded switches together with the potentiometer circuit for a fraction of the price of typical switching.

International Headquarters

3101 W. 2100 S.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119 USA
+1 801.972.6995 phone
+1 801.972.8012 fax
+1 888.795.2283 toll free phone

If you are not in North America, we will contact you directly, or have our partners contact you. We have International Distributors in the following countries: Benelux France Germany/Austria/Switzerland Italy Israel Spain Sweden/Norway/Finland UK

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