From a concert filmed in Stockholm on 1/9/1969. We have posted three clips from this show if you would like the complete show it is available for free at

There is also an interesting story surrounding this show and it's "poor" performance and how it all might tie in to a lack of drugs. This is how Noel Redding explains it.

"On the whole, I can’t understand how anyone who saw us on this tour could have liked us. There was a lot of filming for Swedish TV and compared to similar films in 1967, we were a different group. Jimi was sullen and removed and actually slagged off the audience during the first set. He rarely bothered to sing. I paced grimly in my corner and turned my back on him. The sparkle was gone, very gone, replaced by exhaustion and boredom which showed in the sloppy repeats of the hits as we stared at the crowd with dead eyes. We hated playing Sweden. Always the same problem–no drugs. We were forced to drink the killer Schnapps, and it brought on Jimi’s mood for the first set."

To read more follow this link.

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