HI! My name is Mrs. Willits and I am a teacher in the Intermediate School here at PA Virtual and have enjoyed teaching in this model for many years. Welcome to the PA Virtual Quick Start Guide! This is kind of like “Boot Camp” so that all of our new families can feel successful after their training missions are complete!

This guide is broken down into several categories and is designed for you to go through ALL of it in in no time! You will be up and running with basic navigational information, as well as many helpful tips in setting up your home classroom and joining in the school community.

These videos are bite-sized pieces so that you can watch one and try out the skill. You can come back to the quick start guide later and pick up where you left off, too! But really and truly, going through all the videos will make a HUGE difference in how you and your student navigate your online learning world. You can even come back to them for help later, when you need it!

You can always use your resources such as tech support, family support and your teachers, but this guide is there for you to get you up and running and feeling comfortable as you will have the tools and the know how to get to where you need to go for curriculum, classes and everything!

Along the way, I might surprise you with what I will be wearing, so you will have to watch and learn along with me to find out! Remember, I have your back, but you need to complete your missions so stay tuned!

So please report for duty and check out the rest of the sections and videos!

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