In trying to figure out a suitable picture profile to match my C100, EX3, and 5D Mark III I'm currently working with, I created this little comparison. Made it for myself, but figured I may as well share. Threw the little Sony RX100 in for kicks, as I had it laying around. Trying to find a good PP with minimal grading to match the cameras already used on the show and slide easily into the post workflow. The PP on the EX3 has been set by the company I'm working for, so my goal is to match that. I prefer using the C100 to the 5D Mark III for timelapses and Broll because of the increased sharpness and latitude. Hence, this test is shot outside with the kind of shots I'll primarily be using the camera's for.

Most of the C100 picture profiles adapted from Abel Cine's C300 profiles ( They can all be found here:

The noise reduction on the initial JR45Video C100 profile was cranked all the way up for the early shots in this test, hence the horrendous lack of sharpening. Also, the 5D3's Neutral PP has sharpness turned all the way down.

I made this for myself, but figured I may as well share it since I took the time to make it. I decided I'm going to tweak the custom REC709 PP (based on the "video" settings here: to use, I think that'll match closest without crushing highlights like the EOS Std, which would be my second choice. Enjoy!

Music (used without permission, but it kicks ass so go buy it if you like it)
"Super 8"
from "Southeastern"
by Jason Isbell

"Angel of Death"
from "Billy Jack"
by honeyhoney

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