ᴴᴰ 90 Year Old Man Wished He Never Had Children! || Very Emotional

Speaker: unknown

Listen to this very sad story of a 90 year old man and his tears...there is an important lesson in this reminder. Share it with everyone, perhaps it could change someone's life.
Being dutiful to the parents is a MUST! those that dont do their part will be punished in this life and the next.
A vid on parents to encourage all to look after their parents in good and bad times, as we all SHOULD AS ITS THEIR HAQQ UPON US!
They done it for us when we were small, WHY CANT WE REPAY THEM?
Even though WE NEVER CAN!

" My Lord Have Mercy Upon My Parents As They Did Care For Me When I Was Little "
Ameen Ya Rabb!

If you dont cry while watching this, ask Allah to soften your Heart!!

ᴴᴰ Parents - Gateway To Jannah || Emotional || [FULL] :

Parents In Islam - Be Kind and Dutiful to your parents:

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