Sometimes, as Christians, we can fall into the same mindset that I had when I was a beginning engineer. We can see the "rules" and "regulations" of Christianity as stifling. We try to approach the Scripture and faith with reverence, but it can often seem confusing, counter-intuitive, or irrelevant. But just as building a house that isn't up to code can be dangerous, without a divine standard, we can get stuck in unhealthy patterns that are harmful to our souls.

Scripture is the revelation of who God is and a glimpse of the life he designed us live. It is the blueprint for our fulfillment. And like the plans of an architect, it may take a little bit of training and practice to make sense of all the lines and markings. But the beauty of understanding Scripture is that, unlike engineering, it doesn't require a degree because God speaks to us through his Word. We only need to listen.

Your Love is Strong
In Christ Alone
You've Come For Us
Divine Invitation
Take my Heart
Always Forever
How He Loves
O Lord, You're Beautiful
Cares Chorus

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