U H F: 04:45 A David Ellis, FamilyCat Productions film.
Glitch-video originally shot on Super 8 Plus-X film.

With its textured edgy tempo, UHF takes us to a convergence point where analog
and digital dark matter meet! Future shock? Decay? Neglected beauty? Trashed culture? Post-industrial wasteland? Are we watching it or is it watching us? Where are we headed
with everything wired? Originally shot on B&W Super-8 Plus-X with a vintage ELMO movie camera, the film was then transferred to digital format where select frames were re-ordered and re-edited. Analog gets a complete makeover!
Current relationship status with digital: it’s complicated!
Music: by Berlin artist Hanne Adam, adamned-age.com from the track: in the cold light of day.
Contact: davidellisimages@gmail.com All rights reserved 2013.

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