The Story Behind The Video

Fresh out of his former band, at age 16 Corey bought a ticket on the street corner to the Willie Nelson concert near his hometown in Oklahoma. He grabbed a piece of cardboard out of the trash, found a sharpie, and wrote "It's my dream to play a song with you". Corey was in the nosebleeds but saw an opening near the front row and took it. He held his sign up for more than half the concert. "The people behind me probably hated me. I kinda felt sorry for them, but not sorry enough to give up" White says with a laugh. In an attempt to get the young man to put the sign down, Willie took the bandana from his head and threw it to him. Anyone else would have been satisfied, but not Corey. After the second and third bandana, Willie realized that this kid was not going to put the sign down until he got what he wanted. Finally, Willie walked out to the edge of the stage, looked right at Corey and said, "Well... what song do you wanna do?"

Without hesitation, Corey said, "Milk Cow Blues" and Willie's eyes lit up.
"Alright then" said Willie as he motioned for Corey to come on up. Before Corey took the stage he turned around and handed one of the bandanas to a stranger. This is the only existing video of that night's unforgettable moment when Corey & Willie shared the stage. Where did the video come from? You guessed it: the stranger Corey happened to hand the bandana to.

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