FOR 2012 TAX-YEAR ONLY! General information only! Tax laws change all the time.You should talk to a good tax preparer or attorney about your unique situation. Any tax advice provided is not intended, and cannot be used, to avoid penalties that may be imposed under the Internal Revenue Code.

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This video will help you avoid tax preparers who prepare fraudulent returns, and will explain some of the special tax rules that apply to H2A workers. If you work and earn money in the United States, you probably have to file an income tax return every year with the "Internal Revenue Service" or I.R.S. As an H2A worker, special income tax rules apply to you. You'll probably need some help filing your income tax return. Be careful, though, because many tax preparers who offer to help do not understand the special rules for H2A workers.

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This video was produced in July 2013. The laws may have changed since that time. This video provides general information only. Your situation may be very different than those shown in this video. This video is not a substitute for talking to a lawyer or qualified tax preparer about your unique situation. It does not create an attorney-client relationship and it cannot predict or guarantee an outcome in any legal proceeding.

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