This is a promo for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a cyberpunk video game by Eidos Montreal. Starring Adam Jensen with David Sarif and Bill Taggart. Additional game characters include Hugh Darrow, Megan Reed, Bob Page, Faridah Malik, Zeke Sanders, Isaias Sandoval, and Eliza Cassan.

This is Detroit. The year, 2027. Its auto industry has collapsed and poverty has risen to record levels. Corporations have become states with higher authority than the government. The Detroit police serve Sarif Industries, an emerging biotechnology firm specializing in the augmentation of human beings. Some citizens defy authority and protest David Sarif's vision of the next step in human evolution. They argue that augmentation is immoral and those augmented will have too much power. People who cannot afford augmentations will be phased out by artificial selection.

Sarif's top security guard Adam Jensen was nearly killed in an anti-augmentation terrorist attack. He has been given life saving, state-of-the-art military-grade prosthetics against his will. His mechanical body gives him godlike abilities. Jensen is tasked with using his powers to find out why Sarif Industries was attacked. However, he becomes influenced by the ideas of his enemies along his journey and is placed in the world spotlight. He can show humanity the benefits of Sarif Industries' groundbreaking work... or denounce human augmentation like his adversaries. The future of human civilization will be affected by his decision.

I never asked for this. What a shame.

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