A couple of hours in Amsterdam testing the Canon 7d, lot of details, night shooting and typical Amsterdam tourist attractions :) Some shots, most of them not in this video, will be used in a BBC doc about the drugtrade. For some reason people think there is a drugtrade in Amsterdam... OMG!

All shot handheld with a Canon 7d and Sigma 10-20 F3.5.

Changed the curve in Color to get a bit more detail in dark parts. Overdid it in some shots, will re-grade and re-upload later.

Camera was set to Av, so Whitebalance, exposure and ISO (gain) are all set to auto. Still waiting for my ZFinder so had some trouble focussing. Some of the stuff is pretty rough because the area was not a place where you want to attract to much attention by being all pro and setting up the camera. So some of it is shot without looking and just a basic test to see how this Canon behaves with no light and a lot of movement.

Will do some more daylight shooting with the 7d this week.

the original H264 is available for download if anyone wants to check out the quality.

for more info on my experiences with this camera check out: digital-exposure.com/dslr-cinema/5-dslr-video-good-bad-ugly.html

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