Animation and 3D Modeling
Monkey: Animation & background. I borrowed the rig from Joao Pires and the sound clip from 12 Monkeys.
Fage: Matchmoving, videography, animation, modeling, rendering
Shiny Guy: Animation
MQ-8 Fire Scout: Animation, rendering, compositing
Mesa Logo: All
Robot Arm: All
TP Drop: Animation, rendering
Pizza Delivery Guy: Animation
Red Shorts Guy: All
Hat: All
Digital Hunter Coyote: All
Missile Launch: Animation, compositing
Drone: Animation, compositing
Jet: Animation, compositing
Space Debris: All
Satellite: All
Robots: All
VIIRS Graphic: Design, illustration, animation
Carter Cart: All
Beach Ball: All
Torpedo: All
Turret: Modeling, texturing
Turbine: Modeling, texturing
robo-K-MAX: Modeling, texturing
ACER Robot: All
G2Bot: All
Matilda: All
Mobius Tool Bar: All
Satellite: All
Honey Do List: All
Mixer: All
Batman: Modeling

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