Roger McKindley lives on the banks of the Loddon River in Newstead, in a small cottage lit by candlelight. No power needed. By day he turns salvaged scraps into sculpture.

He works with the found objects of stone, wood, bone, iron and glass. He salvages these from the local tip or collects them on his travels. Sometimes people drop things in. He then arranges and rearranges them into sculptural pieces.

At the age of 15 Roger began his career as an apprentice landscape gardener in the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens.

Through his work he discovered his love for playing with the formations created when building stonewalls. He could see patterns and objects. From here on in he realised he could create and play with anything.

And so it began, his crazy beautiful passion.

Music: Walls and Tunnels by Glover and Neale and Early Start by Bradley, Dymond and Sanchez.

Production by Larissa Romensky, ABC Open

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