This ASAB (Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour) video focuses on parental behaviour in nuthatches, in particular the parent-chick interactions during feeding.

The footage is in two parts:
i) a summary of the key events in the rearing of a nuthatch brood.
ii) film of parent-chick interactions during feeding to provide an opportunity for students to collect data directly from the footage, add it to other data already obtained and use it in analysis.

The resources to go with this footage can be obtained free from the ASAB education officer or you can download them directly from here

The resources consist of:
i) a set of background notes on nuthatches, with details of their breeding biology.
ii) three interactive exercises for data analysis and description (for AS/A2/Advanced Higher students).
iii) a set of additional, and differentiated, exercises related to aspects of nuthatch behaviour and based on secondary source material (for KS3 to AS/A2/Advanced Higher students).

To contact the ASAB education officer please email

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