There is a mystical whiff, a certain supernatural aura about the celestial nymph who loves and nurtures nature – be it flowers, meadows, groves, woods, rivers, rocks and mountains. Our cover girl Maria Cherniakovych transforms magically into a nymph who looks distant yet tempting, as she wraps a web of enchantment around her. She is equally possessive about the nature-inspired antique jewels crafted by ace Indian artist Anand Shah. The maestro has an inborn knack to immortalise the transient, ever-changing nature into timeless golden ornaments. Both the nymph and the artist play their role to perfection – that of being the guardian angels of the natural world.

Photographs } Vishesh Verma
Hair & Make-up } Daniel Bauer
Stylist } Michelle Malkani assisted by Shweta Navandar
Model } Maria Cherniakovych ( Anima Creative Management )

All jewellery by Anand Shah

Text by Shanoo Bijlani

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