Who the f*ck is Wolf Aartsen? Is he a painter? A drawer? Or a musician?

BEDFORD took a bouncy and spacey trip through this man’s selfmade jungle and well, we must conclude: he is all of that! This boyish man is one of the craziest, most direct and multi talented artists we have ever had the privilege to meet. One moment he is aesthetically brain-fucking the spectator with one of his colourful composed paintings, while the next he is waxing your eardrums with a smoothly layered voice extravaganza. Making you wonder wether you’re listening to a Micheal Jackson on valium or six hundred horny beavers working with thousands of little soundsticks to create a massively tight beaver dam.

We had the delight to visit hem in his atelier in Utrecht. See what he has to say about his sometimes spooky, sometimes sweet, but always surprising world for your self.

For real: BEDFORD is proud to present: THE-ONE-AND-ONLY : WOLF AARTSEN

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