Gamelab Barcelona 2013 - 27th June - 1:00pm
Minh Le, CTO @ FixKorea

Industry legend Minh Le, also known by his online nickname Gooseman, is a Vietnamese-Canadian computer game developer who co-created the popular Half-Life mod Counter-Strike with Jess Cliffe in 1999. He was later employed by Valve Software, the developers of Half-Life, where Le continued to work on Counter-Strike and related games. After Counter-Strike 2 was shelved, Le left Valve to work on a project of his own, a multiplayer first-person shooter called Tactical Intervention. Tactical Intervention offers unique gamemodes not seen in most other free to play shooters to date, including the infamous highway chase, dogs, riot shields and the ability to rappel. As Tactical Intervention has just been released,Le wants to take the opportunity to share his experience with Gamelab Barcelona attendees.

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