"SGTBull07 REVEALED - The Truth of a Truther" The Anonymous micro-doc revealing the true world of growing internet doomer sensation "SGTbull07". Re-Render July 13, 2013. All research material, photos, and data were readily available on the internet, but required extensive connecting of the dots and cross-confirmation, which nobody to date has ever done in complete form.

Had "Sean" been a regular dude facelessly vlogging in his underwear on his home computer, his preachings could have went on forever with Anonymous giving little care of who he was. Anonymous obviously has no problem with anonymity! Unfortunately, "Sean" has put himself out there as an outspoken public political figure (although remaining faceless and unidentified) with a distinct angle of growth leading in the direction of what looks to be slowly building another PrisonPlanet. We had to peek behind the curtain to see what the true roots of "SGTbull07" were. If one preaches as hard as "Sean", and brings the huge amount of content and "gets" (a ton of work) at the rate he does - there had to be a reason why he hides. We found out why.

After everything we found, it was our opinion that the hypocricy was too strong to not whistleblow and reveal "SGTbull07" in complete transparency. Truth is truth. This is what "Sean" preaches. For obvious reasons you will see, incomplete truth was his mask all these years. Some call that lying by ommission, or trying to have your cake and eat it too. If "Sean" is the true savior of truth telling, and he believes so strongly in his messages, one would think a "truth-teller" of this passion would put his batshit on the line in public, at home, at work, and let the chips fall where they may. But "Sean" doesn't. He gets on the faceless microphone of dispair with us, but enjoys being a significantly different person in real life.

While "SGTbull07" has some actual truth in his preachings that Anonymous respects (topics of banksters, select corporations, the federal reserve, precious metals principles, encroachment on civil liberties, and downright incompetence of government), the majority of the material is batshit fear porn fantasy (New World Order, FEMA camps, depopulation, birtherism, controlled precious metal pricing, chemtrails, Rockefellers/Rothschilds, prepping for a revolution/overthrow of the government by armed force, tragedies being staged {Sandy Hook, Boston, false flags, cointel, agent provocateurs, etc), climate change is a hoax, peak oil is a hoax, and on and on and on). It's easy to be a nutter when one doesn't have to take public responsibility and get their life/face/name tarnished. If everybody else are sheep, tell them to their face.

Music: "Scissors" and "Enter the Maze" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons

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