LAS VEGAS - Dominating what may be one of the largest stages ever constructed in the U.S., AG Light and Sound provided 430 Eurolite Performance Clusters (PMC 16x30s) to the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), the electronic dance music festival taking over Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 21-23. Deployed on the Steve Lieberman-designed main stage "Kinetic Field," the PMC 16x30s represented fully 20 percent of the more than 2,000 fixtures used on the stage, which required over 2 million watts of power.
Eurolite fixtures were also hard at work elsewhere on EDC's seven elaborate stages. Eurolite's 2x100 Chip On Board (COB) audience blinders were deployed to stagger this massive outdoor audience. With no lamps to buy, and no dimmer racks or extra cables, the Eurolite 100-watt COB LED blinders are becoming popular with the festival scene. Dozens of Eurolite STP-10s, were featured on the Cosmic Meadow stages, while Lighting Director Patrick Dierson dazzled the EDM crowd with STP-10s arranged in a diamond shape, evocative of the iconic "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign on the Circuit Grounds Stage.

The producers went to great lengths before showtime to keep details of the $35 million production under wraps, which only fueled the hype surrounding the event in its third year in Las Vegas. There were 200 acts, seven stages and 345,000 fans coming from all 50 states and 46 countries. The lineup included virtually every big name in the EDM industry ranging from Avicii and Afrojack to Kaskade and Tiesto.

Entertaining a third of a million people is no small feat, and the organizers, Insomniac Events, spared no expense. Kinetic Field alone required more scaffolding (46 trucks worth) for its construction than was used in the repair of the Statue of Liberty. The main stage - at 480 feet wide - contained more than 335 tons of scaffolding and structures and 1,968,000 lbs of ballast. If all of the scaffolding used for the main stage were laid end to end, it would have spanned more than 50 miles.

A colorful fantasyscape of towering mushrooms and desert blossoms, the stage featured an enormous owl at its center with video screens for eyes, cleverly designed to close its wings around the DJ booth between sets. The Eurolite PMC-16s were also used as uplights on the many scenic elements. The stage was a radical departure from screen-focused stages, presenting an organic and refreshing design. Almost all of the stage designs were new at EDC this year.

The Eurolite line is handled exclusively by Inner Circle Distribution, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
More details from Inner Circle Distribution or
Productions Credits
Prsented by: Insomicac Events
Executive Producer: Forrest Hunt
Festival Producer: Pasquale Rotella
Stage Designer: Stephen Lieberman, SJ Lighting
Production Manager: Alyxander Bear
Stage Production Manager: Ian Gotts
Set Designer: Goddard Design Group
Lighting/Video Designer: Stephen Lieberman, SJ Lighting
Stage Manager: Harry Bellord
Lighting Programmer: Aron Altmark
VJ: Vello Virkhaus, V Squared Labs
Project Manager: Andrew Gumper
Video: James Watral & Sondra Pozan
Master Electrcian: James Poepping
Staging & Scaffold: Mountain Productions
Lighting & Video Supplier: AG Light & Sound
Audio: 3G Live
Pyro & Special FX: Pyro Engineering
Lasers: Lightwave
Scenic: AES
Animatronic Owl Centerpiece: Attraction Services Company
Labor: James Thomas Productions
Photography: Adam Kaplan, ASK Media Productions
Event Design & Decor: Johnny Jos

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