Are you living a life that is worthy of you? Are you putting your hopes, dreams and potential to good use? Are you settling for an average life? To build the life of your dreams you have to educate yourself so you can build a customized plan that will work for you.
In this 6 part webinar series you will learn about yourself. Who you are deep down? What skills you need to be successful. The two yardsticks I will be using are happiness and stress. My goal is take you on a journey of discovery and insight that will increase your level of happiness and reduce your level of stress.
Are you ready be more successful in these areas of your life:
Personal well being
My promise to you is that if you follow instructions you will be happier, have less stress and have more balance in your life.
Our Six Week Journey
Understanding who you are
Defining success for you
Discovering your purpose in life
Discovering your dreams
Taking the right actions
Fully living your dream

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