Here is a video from my KeyCam. It was a pretty traumatic recording. I velcroed it to the left horizontal stab, about 2 " out. I figured it would be OK I had tried a few spots before. On a couple different planes and the SK1.

Wow It took almost full right rudder for level flight and turns were hard to coordinate. I had to use a lot of full throttle to keep it level.

Anyway I pulled it off and here is the video:

It is a nice frame but on this small model the airflow interruption was a bit much, I removed the velcro so I will never do this again.

You can see how after T/O it took a bit to figure out what was going on. I did not want to trim it, because I have perfect trim set up for 50% throttle on my Futaba.

This is one of my favorite planes.

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